(In order of appearance)

Doug McCash

The Lilly Brothers, with Tex Logan and Don Stover
Bea Lilly, guitar
Everett Lilly, mandolin
Benjamin “Tex” Logan, fiddle
Don Stover, banjo
Dewey Renfro, bass
( in 2nd song)
Tennis Lilly, guitar
Billy Pack, bass

Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys
Ralph Stanley, banjo
Keith Whitley, guitar
Curly Ray Cline, fiddle
Ricky Skaggs, mandolin
Jack Cooke, bass

J. D. Crowe and the Kentucky Mountain Boys
J. D. Crowe, banjo
Larry Rice, mandolin
Tony Rice, guitar
Bobby Slone, bass

Jimmy Martin and the Sunny Mountain Boys
Jimmy Martin, guitar
Gloria Belle Flickinger, bass
Ray Martin, mandolin
Jimmy Martin, Jr., drums
Alan Munde, banjo
Chubby Wise, fiddle

The Bull Mountain Boys
Baxter Thomas, guitar
Delbert Martin, guitar
J.L. “Bill” Williams, fiddle
Teddy Thomas
Harry McGhere

Del McCoury and the Dixie Pals
Del McCoury, guitar
Dick Staber, mandolin
Dewey Renfro, bass
John Farmer, banjo
Billy Baker, fiddle

The Country Gentlemen
Charlie Waller, guitar
Bill Emerson, banjo
Bill Yates, bass
Doyle Lawson, mandolin

(group in the field)
Kenny Kosek, fiddle
Al McCanless, fiddle
Bob White, bass
Gene Knight, banjo
Frank Greathouse, mandolin

The New Deal String Band
Kenny Kosek, fiddle
Frank Greathouse, mandolin
Bob White, bass
Leroy Savage, guitar
Buck Peacock, guitar
Rick Riman, banjo

(group in field at night)
Audine Lineberry, bass
George English, guitar
Rick Riman, banjo

The Osborne Brothers
Bobby Osborne, mandolin
Ronnie Reno, guitar
Robbie Osborne, drums
Ray Kirkland, bass

The Bluegrass 45
Tsuyoshi “Josh” Otsuka, guitar
Akira Otsuka, mandolin
Toshio Watanabe, bass
Saburo “Sab” Watanabe Inoue, banjo
Hsueh-Cheng “Ryo” Liao, fiddle

Mac Wiseman and the Dixie Bluegrass Boys
Mac Wiseman, guitar
Curtis Blackwell, guitar
Randall Collins, fiddle
Larry Jefferson, mandolin
Eddie Hoyle, banjo
Sam Cobb, bass

Fiddle Ensemble
Joe Greene
Billy Baker
Clarence “Tater” Tate
Bill Poffinberger
Kenny Kosek
Curly Ray Cline
Dewey Farmer
Mac Wiseman
Hsueh-Cheng Liao
John Farmer
Chubby Wise
Charlie Collins
Dick Staber
Benjamin “Tex” Logan
Lester Deaton
Del McCoury

Roy Acuff and the Smoky Mountain Boys
Roy Acuff, fiddle
Onie Wheeler, harmonica
Beecher “Oswald” Kirby, dobro
Jimmie Riddle, harmonica & bass
Joe Greene, fiddle
Charlie Collins, guitar
Earl Snead, banjo

The Bluegrass Alliance
Sam Bush, mandolin
Tony Rice, guitar
Lonnie Peerce, fiddle
“Ebo Walker” Harry Shelor, bass
Courtney Johnson, banjo

(2nd group in field at night)
Kenneth Hood, guitar
Paul Rogers, banjo
Jerry “Jug” Rogers, mandolin
Curtis Blackwell, vocal
Sam Cobb, vocal

Chubby Wise, fiddle
Mac Wiseman, guitar
Alan Munde, banjo

Banjo Finale
Jimmy Arnold
“Little” Roy Lewis
A. L. Wood
Eddie Hoyle
Rick Riman
Bill Emerson
Saburo Watanabe Inoue
J. D. Crowe
Don Stover
Doyle Lawson
Ray Martin
Alan Munde
Gary Wilson


The Smokey Ridge Boys
Dewey Farmer, mandolin
Odell Lewis, bass
Carl Joyner, fiddle
Howard Coffy, guitar
A.L. Wood, banjo

Frank Wakefield

The Shenandoah Cut-Ups
Clarence “Tater” Tate, fiddle
John Palmer, bass
Udell McPeak, guitar
Billy Edwards, banjo
Herschel Sizemore, mandolin
Big Joe Greene, fiddle (guest)

Cliff Waldron and the New Shades of Grass
Cliff Waldron, guitar
Mike Auldridge, dobro
Dave Auldridge, mandolin
Ed Ferris, bass
Bill Poffinberger, fiddle
Don Stover, banjo

The Bluegrass Buddies
Lou Reid Pyrtle, bass
Jimmy Haley, guitar
Jeff Hooker, mandolin
Myron Nunn, banjo

The High Country Boys
Terry Thompson, bass
Garland Lambert, guitar
Tommy Malboeuf, fiddle
Doug McMillan, mandolin
Ray Edwards, banjo
Roy McMillan, guitar

The Lewis Family
Pop Lewis
Little Roy

The Wilson Brothers
Greg Wilson, guitar
Gary Wilson, banjo
Jody Wilson, bass
Larry Lindsey, mandolin

The Coburns

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